We get flooded with thousands of questions and queries every day, and it may take us a while for us to respond and resolve your query, so please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and see if that helps with your issue. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here please also refer to our About page to read more about us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Would someone know that I’ve watched his/her Instagram account?
No, because we directly interact with Instagram’s servers and breach their security systems to retrieve the victim’s Instagram profile data. We don’t use any of your information in this process, and the requests for the profile data is done through one of our Instagram accounts specially created for this purpose, and there’s no way the victim would know that you or someone tried to access their profile data, as their profile data is directly retrieved from Instagram, without sending them a “Follow” request. This works on any Instagram account, regardless of its privacy setting, and it’s 100% safe.

• Do I need to enter my Instagram username to view someone else’s profile?
No, we don’t require our users to enter their information to get access to someone’s profile data. You just need to enter the victim’s username when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure.

• How do I support ViewPrivateInstagrams.com?
Please share our website’s link to your friends and family and help us serve more people!

• Can I use it multiple times on a single victim?
Yes, you can use our software to view someone’s profile data as many times as you want. We don’t impose any rules on our software usage, however, we don’t endorse or encourage viewing someone’s profile data for illegal purposes.

• Does this work on any Instagram account?
Yes, our software directly fetches the profile data from one of the Instagram’s data centers, so the complete profile of the victim can be retrieved regardless of their account privacy settings. It is not possible to retrieve profile data for deactivated, inactive or deleted Instagram accounts, however, there’s a considerable chance that you can retrieve profile data from deactivated accounts if the information is still retained on Instagram’s servers, we recommend you to give it a try!

• Can I download someone’s Instagram pictures using your software?
Yes, all the profile data is displayed on your web browser after the hacking procedure is complete, and you can view or download the pictures from your web browser.

• I cannot see the profile data, what do I do?
Make sure that you’ve finished all the steps of our online hack tool properly, if you’re unsure, please go to our homepage (viewprivateinstagrams.com) and start the process again.

• I’ve finished all the steps successfully, but I’m facing difficulties viewing the profile data, what do I do?
Make sure that you disable your ad-blocker or any plugins or extensions that may block elements on our website. Also, please wait for a couple minutes for the information to be displayed on the web browser, it may take a little longer than usual if our servers are overloaded with requests.

• My issue is still unanswered, what do I do now?
Please write to us if you’ve had any issues using our software, our technical team will respond your query and resolve your issue as soon as possible, please use the contact form at our Contact Us page to submit your queries!